Updated April 10th, 2018

Now Hiring - Associate Treasurer Position

The associate treasurer shall report directly to the MNIAAA executive board and be responsible for the following:


  1. Receive and deposit all monies of the Association

  2. Disburse funds at the direction of the executive committee

  3. Keep an accurate account of all income and expenses

    • using Quickbooks or a similar accounting software

  4. Present a financial report at all meetings including

    • A list of the individual checks written, 

    • Categorized income, expenses and investments

  5. Prepare the tax report in August 

  6. Shall be knowledgeable and proficient with technology: 

    • (Quickbooks, Power Point, Excel, Word, Google Drive Files) 

  7. Will be responsible for the financial arrangements of the Annual Conference.

  8. Will assist the Executive Director in procuring sponsors for the annual conference

  9. Will assist the Executive Director in procuring vendors for the annual conference 

  10. Attend all business meetings related to the operations of the MNIAAA 

    • MNIAAA Executive Board Meetings

    • Region Representatives

    • MnIAAA State Conference

    • New Administrators Workshop

    • Section Five Meeting

    • NIAAA National Conference (primary responsibility is securing future vendors)

  11. Receive Financial Remuneration

    • Salary - to be negotiated with the Executive Committee annually

    • Benefits

      • Room provided for the State Conference

      • Airfare and room provided for the National Conference

      • Mileage reimbursement for association related travel

      • Technology support and equipment as needed - to be negotiated with the executive board

  12. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


Applications will be accepted through May 1st, 2020. Submit applications to Brent Schimek at

Please include a

Cover Letter


Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

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