LTC 790 - Athletic Admin: Leadership Training Instructional Methods & Technique


Tuesday, March 24th, 9am-1pm, University B, Kelly Inn / LTC 790 - Athletic Administration: Leadership Training Instructional Methods and Techniques | Since its inception, the integrity of the NIAAA LTI program has been maintained through the consistent and accurate delivery of course curricula. LTC 790 ensures the consistent and accurate delivery of all LTI courses by first providing instructors with an awareness of the expectations that are placed upon them as course instructors, and then by providing instructors with the appropriate instructional strategies, methods and techniques necessary to properly deliver the courses to students. Current LTI National Faculty Instructors guide potential LTI instructors through a series of exercises and interactions that demonstrate best practices for the successful teaching all LTI courses. To become an LTI instructor, individuals must complete LTC 501, LTC 790 and the course the individual will be instructing. Required for: LTI instructors [REVISED 2018]  

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