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Looking for a scrimmage or a game to add to your schedule? The Games Wanted page connects teams who are looking for other teams who want to have an extra scrimmage or two. Fill in the information and submit your request. Click the See Games Wanted button below to see a listing of all teams that are looking for an extra game or scrimmage.

Please note that Games Wanted has moved to the MSHSL website. You can access the new page at

Directions and Information (These Directions are also linked on your Dashboard-->Website Help Guide)

There are three categories of Want Ads:

  1. Coaches Wanted

    1. Requires an MSHSL Sport/Activity

    2. Requires one of four coach levels (Varsity, Varsity Assistant, High School, or 7-8-9 Coach)

  2. Games Wanted

    1. Requires an MSHSL Sport/Activity

  3. Activities Office Staff Wanted

Additional Information:

Ads may be placed by ADs or others with School Administration Rights

  • Adding a Want Ad is linked through a button on the AD dashboard

Ads may be viewed by both logged-in and non-logged-in users

  • Viewable Want Ads are linked under About in the main menu

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