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1st Edition 2006 • 2nd Edition 2013

The MNIAAA Strategic Planning committee is pleased to present to the MNIAAA membership the 2nd Edition of our Strategic Plan. It was conducted in two meetings in 2013. The first was at the St. Cloud Convention Center on January 21. The second was on March 11 at the MSHSL office in Brooklyn Center. Five original goals were reduced to four because we found duplication in several areas as well as action steps that either were completed or failed. An overall theme from the committee was to build on our successes. It was found that meaningful committee work is a way to grow not only membership but also ownership within our members. It is clear that the formation of at least four new committees will challenge our membership and provide a culture of inclusion and collaboration, which echoes the philosophy of our executive board and the leadership of our executive secretary. Congratulations and thanks to the following members who gave of their time, talents and opinions. It is through their commitment to our organization, and the ultimately the students we serve, that continues to make the MnIAAA one of the most progressive states of Activity Administrator leadership in the NIAAA. 2nd Edition Strategic Planning committee members were:


Ken Hubert, Faribault

Jamie Sherwood, Wayzata

Les Zellmann, St. James
Tom Graupmann, Northfield

Rich Dippel, St. Croix Prep

Eric Lehtola, Andover

Bryan Wormley, Nevis

Eric Rodine, Prior Lake

Bob Madison, Mounds View

Mindy Sparby, Belle Plain

Mike Schmidt, Staples-Motley

Jill Johnson, St. Cloud Tech

Joel Olson, Forest Lake

Dan Roff, Fridley

Mike Smith, Totino Grace
Mike Beck, Executive Secretary

Mike Roff, Facilitator


Goal 1 – Membership

Membership – to maintain and build membership that is representative of each school recognized by the Mn Department of Education and provide opportunities for individual and diverse groups in interscholastic athletics and fine arts.


Action Steps

  1. Inform other administrative groups of the values of MnIAAA membership and benefits to member schools and communities when their activities director is active in membership sponsored activities.

  2. Identify, welcome, and support new A.D.s by giving more direction to the position of Region Representative.

  3. Find new ways to inform other groups and governing bodies in education (including but not limited to the MASSP, MNAASA, and MSBA) about MnIAAA opportunities through communication at conventions, workshops, seminars and related activities.

Areas still needing to be addressed:

  • Membership of middle school A.D.s.

  • Continued growth and partnership with retired A.D.s.

  • Continued and improved opportunities for collaboration with activity assistants.


Goal 2 – Professional Development

Professional Development – Design and assess a professional development program that will attract, retain, and support out membership with relevant and current offerings and opportunities.


Action Steps

The Mentorship Committee is a thriving committee within our organization, completed all tasks in the 1st edition plan, and had actually evolved well past its initial scope of action.

  1. Support the implementation and initiatives brought forth from the Mentorship Committee.

  2. Create a Professional Development Committee.


This committee will meet to ensure that each sub-committee’s professional development activities do not overlap and are working together to provide quality; relevant; and meaningful opportunities, and are doing so in a collaborative manner.


  • Committee membership

    • Chaired by 1st VP (in charge of state convention)

    • 2ndVP

    • Member of the Mentorship Committee

    • Member of the LTI Committee

    • Member of the Summer Institute Committee

    • Two at-large members appointed by the executive board


  • Create several sub-committees to serve independently from the newly formed Professional Development Committee.

    • Mentorship Committee – continue as now formed

    • LTI Committee – resurrect and meet more formally than once per year.

    • Summer Institute – new committee


Each committee will meet independently; ensure that one member represents the group on the Professional Development Committee and report to the board at the fall Region Rep. Meeting.


Goal 3 – Technology

Technology –  Improve the MnIAAA web site to better meet the needs, goals and mission of the organization and its members.


Action Steps

  1. Develop a sub-committee to act in an advisory capacity to the web administrator.

  • Sub-committee membership

  • Chair  –  Executive Secretary

  • Minimum of 5 and maximum of 9

  • Self-selected by interest, skill, and passion

  • Meet as needed

  • Report to the board


Goal 4  -  Budget

Budget -  Provide open financial reporting practice that includes expenditures that align with the organizations core values and mission.


Action Steps

A main philosophy among the strategic planning committee is to provide financial support to all committees related to their success of meeting goals that advance the overall mission of the organization.


  1. Develop a budget that is reported and ratified by members at the state conference each spring.

  2. Develop a financial steering committee to act as a recommending body to the executive board.

  • Financial Steering Committee membership

    • Ex - officio  - Executive Secretary

    • Most recent past president that is still in an Athletic/Activities director position. Appointed by the executive board

    • Established rotation of A and AA Region representatives developed by the executive board.  (2) A and (2) AA

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